Hinge Conveyor

RING SUN MACHINERY manufacures Hinge Conveyor, Surface Conveyor which cover focuses air flow for work piece cooling. It can save space with adjustable legs and conveyor surface tilt. Custom Hinge Conveyor can save production space.

Stamping machine

To establish a good partnership with customers and suppliers in order to achieve the customer’s satisfaction and to grow to maturity with clients. To integrate the company, the colleagues and the associated factories into a harmonious ING YU culture by the pride and conscious of ING YU and to fulfill the obligation towards the society.

Milling Accessories

High self – production rate: Our well-planned production procedure and adhere to high self-production rate with importing high precision machines from Japan, Germany, Switzerland such as CNC machining center, 5-axis CNC machine, CNC Lathe…etc.

Spiral Bevel Gears

Excellence Gear Company is committed to providing high precision spiral bevel gears to a wide range of different industries. Through high levels of professionalism and enthusiasm we are dedicated to help our customers improve their production efficiency and increase their performance.


In 2008, in order to enhance production capacity and to meet the demand on the European market, TANSHING President Mr. Wei Wu-Hsuing established a subsidiary company: HOSEA PRECISION CO., LTD. On a manufacturing area of 12,000 square meters, we have been focusing on producing high precision rotary tables that meet the quality standards in western markets.