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BI Intelligence Daily Exclusive:
Save nearly $500 off ALL-ACCESS Membership

Thank you for being a loyal reader of the BI Intelligence Daily newsletter. We hope you enjoy the news and insights delivered to your inbox on a daily basis.

The BII Daily is just a preview of what a BI Intelligence membership offers. Our analysts deliver daily news briefings in our six core coverage areas, charts and data, and long form reports to our paid subscribers covering all things digital. Many of our reports are developed using proprietary data from our highly sought after BI Insiders panel and are all available in a convenient research center.

Some of our popular recent reports include:

  • THE DRONE DELIVERY REPORT: Opportunities and challenges for retailers at the frontier of delivery
  • NET NEUTRALITY UPDATE: What’s at stake for the open internet under the current administration
  • DIGITAL DISRUPTION IN HEALTH CARE: A look at the foundations and opportunity areas in digital health
  • THE DIGITAL DISRUPTION OF LIVE SPORTS: A deep dive into the fall of TV’s most lucrative programming

Access to all of this content typically costs $2,495/yr, but as a BII Daily reader you are eligible to subscribe at a discounted rate of $1,999. BUT ACT FAST – this offer is only available for the next week.


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BI Intelligence
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